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Flippers! Variables of the Scientific Method


During your Discovery session, you worked in teams to explore the variables that may affect the distance an object (cork, penny, large rubber stopper, and small rubber stopper) "flipped" when launched from a flip stick using The Scientific Method.
After your team has completed the Flippers Lab Sheet in Google Classroom, you may explore the links below!
Interesting Links:

The Scientific Method Video
Blasto! (Game)
***Launch Blasto! Control the variables to make him land in the net!
The Scientific Method Song
The Scientific Method (BrainPop)
**You will need to log in to BrainPop to view the video***
The Scientific Method Quiz (BrainPop)
***You will need to log in to BrainPop to view the quiz***
Pumpkin Sling Competition (see competition categories, sample plans, etc.)

Career Corner
Mechanical Engineer
Other Related Occupations
Links to Explore After the Follow Up Discovery Session