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New student registration continues for the 2022-23 school year.  To begin, select "New Student Registration" under Parent Tab on the District Website's homepage.
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Special Services Staff

Mr. Steven Fiedeldey (he/his)
Director of Special Services and Counseling
[email protected] - -201.337.0336 x3309
Alison Allison
Administrative Assistant to Special Services, 4th - 8th Grades
[email protected] -- 201.337.0336 x3309
Sari Prata
Administrative Assistant to Special Services, PreK - 3rd Grades
[email protected] -- 201.337.0336 x3108
Child Study Team
Learning Disabilities Teacher - Consultant
Betty Broukian
Michele Gall
Jennifer Jasmine
Marissa Neglia
Social Worker
Kelly Bravo 
Social Worker/Behavior Interventionist
Monica Kallini
Speech Language Therapists
Andrea Brown
Lisa Gruber
Emily Kolankowksi
Christina Langella
Occupational Therapists
Mariela Arcentales
Erica Rosenberg

Physical Therapists
Cynthia Petty
Sandra Savino

School Counselors
Jenny Ballas - CRS
Melanie DeFazio - HMR
Kathleen Lowenfels - WAS
Mary Beth Como - FAMS
Allison Larson - FAMS