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Dr. Lydia E. Furnari
Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Furnari's Welcome Back Message 2017-2018 School Year


Welcome Back!


The 2017-2018 school year has officially begun and the sounds of excited children, eager for the first day of school were heard everywhere I went today!


Those of you who know me well, understand it when I say that visiting our schools is the best part of my job. I had the privilege of serving as a teacher for the first 14 years of my career, and can honestly say that there is nothing quite as rewarding as helping children to learn and to grow. Today, teachers and students had the chance to get acquainted and everyone seemed ready to embrace the opportunities this new school year will bring.


It is our promise as a school district to help our students interpret the world around them. As our attention is drawn to global and national issues such as the devastation brought on by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, it is important to remember that we are members of a caring community, ready to support one another in the face of any challenges that come our way, be they great or small.


The Franklin Lakes Public Schools consists of an outstanding team of administrators, teachers and staff who have dedicated their lives to the education and well being of children. I invite all of our stakeholders to collaborate with us in providing our students with exceptional educational experiences, as we look toward building upon our past successes, continuing our commitment to serve the Borough of Franklin Lakes.   We are proud to serve this community and look forward to continuing our partnership with you all.




Dr. Lydia E. Furnari


2017-2018 District Goals

The Franklin Lakes Public Schools will establish a comprehensive strategy for assessment that includes the use, analysis, and reporting of multiple measures, as well as an evaluation of current assessments to ensure alignment to key learning goals outlined in the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, to drive instructional expectations and their outcomes, as measured by tri-annual reporting of appropriate state and local data.



The Franklin Lakes Public Schools will develop and be prepared to implement policies and procedures to address mid-year changes in enrollment in support of the seamless provision of services, as measured by enrollment reports, achievement data, and applicable reallocation of financial and staff resources.



The Franklin Lakes Public Schools will communicate effectively with parents, students, and the Franklin Lakes community, by providing improved 2-way mechanisms for teachers and administrators to interact with parents, and for the community at large to become more informed about the District, as evidenced by the implementation of additional methods for stakeholder dialogue, such as public forums, surveys, and workshops.



The Franklin Lakes Public Schools will allocate financial resources in a fiscally responsible and transparent manner that ensures the provision of high quality educational services while remaining sensitive to taxpayers, and strives to propose a 2018-2019 budget within the state imposed budget cap, as measured by outcomes of the annual budget process.