Franklin Lakes School District

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Committee Assignments

Community Relations:
Committee of the Whole

Curriculum & Instruction:
Eileen Hansen, Chair, Vicki Holst,
Jackie Veliky, Amanda Krakowiak
Joseph Rosano, Chair, Jackie Veliky,
Kathie Schwartz, Susan McGowan

Peter Koulikourdis, Chair, Jennifer Marcus,
Jackie Veliky, Joseph Rosano

Jackie Veliky, Chair, Kathie Schwartz,
Joseph Rosano, Vicki Holst

Amanda Krakowiak, Chair, Kathie Schwartz,
Eileen Hansen

Kathie Schwartz (Chair), Susan McGowan,
Amanda Krakowiak, Vicki Holst
Susan McGowan (Chair), Eileen Hansen,
Peter Koulikourdis, Jennifer Marcus
Jackie Veliky, Kathie Schwartz

NJ School Boards Legislative:
Susan McGowan

Bergen County School Boards:
Jennifer Marcus

Franklin Lakes Borough Council Liaison:
Joseph Rosano
Franklin Lakes Education Foundation:
Jackie Veliky, Dr. Lydia Furnari

PTA Liaison:
Eileen Hansen, CRS
Vicki Holst, FAMS
Amanda Krakowiak, HMR
Joseph Rosano, WAS

Recreation Commission Liaison:
Peter Koulikourdis

Municipal Alliance:
Eva Prunk

New Jersey Delegate Assembly:
Jackie Veliky