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Board Goals

2023-2024 Board of Education Goals
  1. To support and provide for the implementation of the districtwide five-year strategic plan.

  1. The Board understands that parents' involvement in their child’s education is essential for success and will continue to support effective and transparent communication with both parents and the community.
  1. Improve communication and partnerships between the community, families, administration, students and Board of Education.
    1. Chain of Command
  2. The Board of Education in conjunction with District Administration will conduct a Culture and Climate survey
  3. Continue to facilitate presentations and staff/student recognitions for the Board & Community
  4. Support the refresh of a user friendly school website presence with an app capability.
  5. Board leadership will attempt to connect with the FLOW leadership board members

  1. The Board will support sound Fiscal Accountability and Transparency through the finance committee 
  1. Assess and refine how the Board receives information and deliberates on the budget before voting.
  2. In order to gain a deeper understanding of the financial plan of the district, the board will engage in training on aspects of the budget and its role in district governance.
  3. The Board of Education will continue to review the current shared service agreements to evaluate their effectiveness and explore other opportunities. 
  4. Evaluate and develop a multi year plan to utilize Federal and State grants and one-time funds to maximize student support and academic achievement
  5. Explore and support alternative profit sources

  1. By June 2024, the Board will negotiate successor collective bargaining agreements with the Franklin Lakes Education Association.

2022-2023 Board of Education Goals

  1. By June 2023, the Board will negotiate successor collective bargaining agreements with the Franklin Lakes Administrators Association.
  2. Strategic Plan 2022-2027: The Franklin Lakes Board of Education will support efforts to conduct a strategic planning process for the purpose of defining the decisions and actions that shape and guide the future direction for the school district over the next several years.
    1. Hiring of a Consultant
    2. Committees of Diverse Stakeholders
  3. The Board will work to explore more opportunities to ensure a more effective and functioning board. 
    1. Improve committee effectiveness, transparency, and communication
    2. increase communication to parents and the community
      1. Website BOE tab 
      3. Board topic forum
      4. Board Meeting Agenda 
    3. Governance: improve the Board’s collaboration in order to facilitate timely and efficient decision making.
    4. By May 2023 determine whether to add a public question to the November ballot to decrease the size of the Board.
    5. Beginning January 2023, introduce updated agendas with clear protocols for both public meetings and executive sessions.
  4. The Board will support funding and policy towards innovation and the exploration of alternative ways of funding for the district.