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Board of Education » Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Franklin Lakes Learning Community: Achieving Together


Build a learning environment where all children and adults take ownership to become imaginative, reflective, information age explorers and contributors to society.


The Franklin Lakes School District develops in students a life-long commitment to learning, a sense of personal and social responsibility, healthy self-esteem, and a respect and appreciation of diversity.

The Board, in active collaboration with administration, staff and parents, and in responsive partnership with the entire community, will provide a comprehensive, academically challenging educational program that recognizes the individual needs of students and responds to the changing demands of our society.

  1. Keep teaching and learning the number one priority.
  2. Focus on student achievement for all levels of learners through the implementation of research-based curriculum that reflects best practices.
  3. Focus students' education on hands-on, activity-based, interdisciplinary and meaningful learning, which fosters higher level thinking and meets individual needs.
  4. Foster emotional, social and intellectual development of students through relevant classroom activities, student support services and parental and community involvement.
  5. Create a variety of comprehensive assessments that identify student strengths and establish goals for individual growth and improvement.
  6. Foster the appreciation of diverse cultures and the arts.
  7. Provide a comprehensive and ongoing staff development program that strengthens innovative, effective teaching and support practices and encourages staff to share their expertise and to take ownership of professional growth.
  8. Provide high quality materials, resources, and technology to support learning.
  9. Establish a safe, welcoming atmosphere in all of our schools.
  10. Create an environment that empowers students and adults to take control of their own learning.
  11. Involve the Franklin Lakes community and staff in developing, implementing and communicating district goals and outcomes.
Approved by the Board of Education: August 26, 2008