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NJSLA Science

Students in grades 5 and 8 will take new computer-based Science assessments, The New Jersey Student Learning Assessments- Science, which replace the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge [NJ ASK] for Science.

The NJSLA-S measures student proficiency with the NJ Student Learning Standards for Science. The testing tools that students use during the NJSLA-Science are the same as they have experienced with NJSLA Mathematics and English Language Arts, and contain several types of test questions including: multiple-choice questions, multi-select questions, drag and drop, and constructed-response items and tasks.


Frequently Asked Questions About NJSLA-Science


Why did we need a new test?

  • A new test was needed to measure the state’s new, more rigorous science standards (NJSLS-Science) that are informing classroom instruction.
  • The NJSLS-Science standards were adopted by the state in 2014. The timeline for transition to the new standards for districts required full implementation in grades 6-12 by September 2016 and full implementation in grades K-5 by September 2017. 
  • These standards focus on the skills students need in the real world, such as critical thinking, analyzing, and problem solving.


Does a student have to pass the NJSLA-Science to graduate?

  • The NJSLA-Science is not a state graduation assessment requirement. 


Why do the scores look different from the scores from the previous state science tests?

  • The NJSLA-Science reflects new expectations outlined in the new science standards, the NJSLS-Science, which focuses on the application of science knowledge and skills.
  • The prior assessment, New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJ ASK), emphasized the memorization of content.


For more information and sample test questions, please review the provided NJSLA Information Guides:


Please visit the NJDOE's NJSLA Science Presentation here.  Additional information about the NJSLA-Science can also be found via this link.