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Progress toward learning expectations is reported following three intervals (marking periods) during the school year: December, March, and June via the Genesis Parent Portal.


Kindergarten Report Card (2022-23 School Year Update)

The district will utilize a revised report card to report on the academic progress of our Kindergartners.  This grade level's report card and associated rubrics have undergone a comprehensive revision to ensure reporting aligns with the most important content and skills that students should be learning during this foundational year of schooling (see the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.)  These changes are intended to clarify the expected performance outcomes for every kindergartner by the end of the school year, as per the learning standards.


>>Please visit our Kindergarten Standards-Based Report Card site for further information and detailed rubrics.


Note: GRADES 1-2 REPORT CARD REVISIONS (anticipated for 2023-24 School Year)

The report cards and rubrics for grades 1-5 will be evaluated and revised to ensure NJSLS-alignment across performance indicators and rubrics across academic content areas. 

  • Grades 1 and 2 will be revised for the 2023-24 school year.
  • Grades 3 and above will be reviewed, and potentially evaluated in subsequent school years.


Grades 1-5 Report Cards

For school year 2022-23, student progress toward learning will continue to be evaluated using the below report cards and rubrics. Rubrics identify student performance levels relative to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for the grade. Evaluations of students may change with each marking period as expectations for student performance increase in rigor from one marking period to the next.


Further information on our District's elementary level report cards is below. 

Report cards are issued four (4) times a year and can be retrieved using the Genesis Parent Access Portal. Grades are derived from numerous criteria, including the teacher’s evaluation of the pupil on daily lesson preparation, tests, teacher’s judgment, and the student’s effort. Parents are encouraged to review report cards with their children to provide guidance, motivation and encouragement.
The following grading scale is in effect:
A   100 – 93
A-   92 – 90
B+  89 – 87
B    86 – 83
B-   82 – 80
C+ 79 – 77 
C   76 – 73 
C-  72 – 70 
D   69 – 65
U  64 and below